About Us

Bonsai is an art form originated in Japan which started in the 700 AD. Our bonsai trees are cared for and have very good quality when stored both indoor & outdoor. When growing bonsai trees a starter kit are a good asset use, to help the Bonsai tree to grow. Bonsai trees are usually grown in large containers to help the growth of the tree. The Purpose of a bonsai tree is to keep the owner exercising and to make an effort. Most bonsai plants are small and only growing for five years.

Bonsai Quality

Bonsai trees are grown with the best possible care. The bonsai are checked every week to ensure the best quality. Every bonsai is unique and is hard to find the same. Bonsai trees you will receive the tree delivered in perfect condition. All bonsai trees are supplied with full care instructions.

Bonsai Packaging & Delivery

All bonsai trees are packaged in boxes and delivered using a fast service. Your able to choose your preferred delivery date and will be contacted by text or e-mail. We are available to deliver 7 days a week with fast delivery.

Bonsai Tree Gifts

We offer the very best bonsai tree gifts along with options to personalize, with a wide selection of gifts. If your looking to purchase a bonsai tree with a personal messages will need to be booked a week in advanced , to be able to match the delivery date.

Our Service

At Bonsai Plaza we are a  well-established company offering a range of bonsai species. With expert knowledge and great services outstanding customer service is provided from our team!. Our gift collections are a match with stunning bonsai trees, Outstanding gift wrap options along with great delivery service.