Maple Bonsai Tree

General Background:

The Dwarf Maple, is know to be from Japan, which share characteristics with different maples around the world. These trees are good to use for the art of bonsai , with real care the bonsai trees are stunning for garden use.

Trees Features:

The maple tree is very compact with many different sized branches attached, with shrubs or tree maple becomes outstanding. The small, green leaves alongside red tips and stems create a  mixture of red and orange color in autumn. It is easy to like the Japanese Maple due to the characteristic of the trees. This is an outstanding bonsai Tree which has a  fantastic results at the end of the plant growing this proves they are well worth the care it needs.


The Japanese Maple will perform will in 5-8 decrees, however it will still survive when given winter protection when it drops below 5 decrees.  Although the bonsai tree belongs outdoors it will not be able to survive without root protection from cold weather and heavy wind, even in places where the temperature declines below freezing. This means you will need to keep this bonsai protected at all times.


When having a  Maple tree ensure it has dappled light which is important when the summer months come, as it protects the leaves from damage off the sun. Red leafed bonsai trees are more prone to leaf scorch than a normal green leafed tree, and also have less foliage when growing in shade, a green maple from red if not given enough light. A balance is needed  between little light.It is also important to protect from a lot of  wind which can be easily be controlled with a little care given.


Japanese maples needs are acidic environments, which can be controlled by using rainwater instead of tap water . This bonsai tree will need consistently moist soil at times as maples do not put up with drought however you must keep it from being waterlogged due to root rot and lack of nutrients from the soil. It is key to water this bonsai before the heat to ensure the tree has enough water without drying out. To leave your bonsai for a length of time, be sure to give it access to daily watering. If you having someone looking after tree ensure you leave a guide for them to understand your tree!

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