Trident Bonsai Tree

Trident Maple Bonsai

The Trident Maple is one of a kind in the tree native coming from the  far east. With an Outstanding tree its tolerant of growing above and below the soil. The leave size will reduces down and the branches attached are fine. It is also a very strong growing tree.


The roots hold a lot of water which means the bonsai tree is always healthy. The tree needs a lot protection from both frost and freezing temperatures.


With the Trident tree water will need to be applied throughout the day and even in the growing season. Keep the tree damp in winter but do not over water.


Trim the new shoots as two sets of leaves whenever the tree is still growing if you wanted to enlarge the branches. Trident maples will benefit more from cutting the leafs in the summer. The best time to cut the tree is as late as mid July to have good results.

The trident tree is better when given a hard prune back in the midsummer and once again in midwinter. A hard prune back in midsummer will mean the tree will have small new shoots, these new shoots will have time to harden before the winter months come. We then thin out the growth in winter.

Partial Defoliation

A number of people that grow these trees will follow  the late Peter Adams, which will suggest partial defoliation. Essentially, the process the occurs will involve the loss of large leaves from the maple all through its the growing season. This approach is more suitable and also gives excellent results.

So, a numbers of pruning methods to chose from. The most import thing you can do is keep them well pruned. When they are pruned, a lots of small new shoots grow and become beautiful and dense. Once this process happens, thin this growth to prevent die-back from happening.


The roots will grow quickly and rapidly fill bonsai pots for growing again. Repotting annually will allow the trident tree to mature as a growing bonsai.


There are no special requirements. A all round feed applied most of the year when the tree is in growth actively , so not when winter is rising this should be fine. Feed the tree every fortnight through the growing season until the autumn comes.

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