Wisteria Bonsai

The wisteria bonsai tree is known for its stunning color, This type of bonsai tree is a lot bigger with a blue or purple gathering of flowers. The wisteria will mainly grow in the spring once the tree is about 12 years old. The leaf size can be reduced, but the flowerings on the tree can’t, This type of tree is usually a lot better to have due to the size that it grows to.

Care guidelines for the Wisteria

The tree needs lots of light, with much direct sunlight, this means the plant doesn't like much shade. Always protect the root system during the winter as frost can damage the roots.
Water the tree relatively often, as the Wisteria Bonsai enjoys lots of water, especially when the tree starts flowering.
Apply the fertilizer in the early spring, but reduce the amount you are feeding the tree once its flowers start growing.
Once the blooms have gone you should regular start pruning this is required to increase the finer branching, make sure you do not prune the tree if you want it to flower to grow strongly.
Repot the young trees every year and with the older trees every second year, this process can be done with a basic Bonsai soil mixture. The root system can be pruned back.
Use cuttings in summer or layering this will provide a better colour within the tree.

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