Zelkova Bonsai Tree

zelkova bonsa 2


Outdoor trees when adapted to indoor conditions, the case when moved into a garden center the Zelkova bonsai tree should mainly be kept indoors specially during the winter months. When the tree is placed outside which then protects the bonsai during the winter. Zelkova tree prefers a lot of light however not necessarily direct sunlight.


Zelkova bonsai tree should be watered regularly to keep the plant hydrated.


You should fertilize the tree maybe once or twice each month from spring and then throughout autumn.


Allow the shoots in the tree will extend at least 3 nodes then will prune back creating one or two leaves. Larger-leaved Zelkovas respond well due to leaf cutting in summer.


The Zelkova Bonsai tree should be re potted once every two years and eve less when the tree matures, by using a basic Bonsai soil mixture.


Use seeds or cuttings.

Zelkova Bonsa

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